Hi I’m Rupert..your designated photographer!

I’ve been fascinated with photography ever since I can remember growing up in freezing England!

To be able to capture a moment in time, and create a valuable memory that will last forever is pretty exciting stuff!

I started taking pictures aged 8, and I taught myself photography. I even had a darkroom in my parent’s house. I thought Newspapers were really exciting and I loved the idea of getting that exclusive picture and racing it back before deadline. So still at school aged 16, I started working for PR’s and nightclubs and covering Premieres at night then using the college darkroom in the morning to make prints to take to the Newspapers.

I have loved working as a Photographer and as a Picture Editor for a major News Agency in London and at The Sun Newspaper, but could not live through another U.K winter so I headed to Los Angeles to focus on Celebrity News, Current events, Features and Portraits.

Shooting more and more events in LA, I saw the possibilities of connecting People with brands through Photography, combined with technology and instant uploads,
as an amazing Event experience! So Social Photo Events was born.